is there anything?

there is life

there is life
that comes with audacity
making the smallest part
a thing to submerge the mind and heart 
with unreasonable wonder and joy
and too, there are acts within this life
that burn through souls and flesh 
and bone and blood with horror 
determined and justified
that out-screams any dialogue of peace and justice

and yes 
there is darkness 
that lighting of lamps
can shape to just be shadows
and there is light that’s best known 
by the nuance of gloom

each moment accepted 
has an option 
to ease attachment
that makes chaos almost sweet
with less attention 
to grooming memories 
to live as changeless certainties

and here’s the thing

not each moment will be a nourishment
but each can advocate for wonder
for a life like a river
that’s moved by its own way of being.

—ed sancious

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