Swimming in the ocean,
no flotation devices,
no compass and blindfolded.
Living in surrender to what is...
Each moment unfolding
Into the greater unknown
Letting go of all attachments,
Desires, and judgements
Letting go of the grasping, demanding,
And chasing
Allowing everything to be...
Watching the moments go by.

A river that finds its way
Through valleys and ravines,
Forest thickets and underground caves.
No demand to be seen or heard
Allowing all a right to drink from its sweet waters,
To bathe and refresh...
Washing away the struggles with self and others
feeling into what is, right here and right now.

Surrendering to the moment of oneness, as it unfolds in this beautiful now.
Loving and adoring what comes forth into creation and into self.
The blossoming of the heart, with desires anew
A gentle nudge to dismantling all that no longer serves
Living on the very edge of existence
Looking over the horizon at the many different colors, textures, and themes.
Admiring the beauty of all that transpires.

May the now of now, unfold into the now of the past and the now of the future.
May all the nows become one.
May the light of the now open me up and fill me with the light of inner knowing.
May I forever reside in this place of knowing and unknowing.
May the desire to rise and the desire to fall blend into the one.
May I forever rejoice in this feeling of surrender to the greater Self.

— Rayna Saddler