It's all good...

Come here,
    my baby Paul,
        come here,
have some warm cookies,
    with cold chocolate milk.

It is alright,
    It’s alright.
It’s fine if you are upset.
            it’s perfectly good.

Come here,
    be warm.

Come here,
    let me comfort you.
        have some warm cookies and milk.
It’s all good.
    there is nothing wrong.

Don’t worry about vegetables,
    or anything else.

Just these nice warm chocolate chip cookies,
    As many as you want.
        just relax.


Come here,
    my little Paul,
        there is nothing to be afraid of.

It’s all good.
    Just come here,
        sit with me,
have some warm cookies,
                as much milk as you are thirsty for.

    take a nap if you want to.

It’s all good...

—Paul Shreeman