There aren’t many problems
That can’t be solved 
By going out and sitting
Beneath a tree
While reality drops
On your head like an apple.
Perhaps nothing would happen,
But sometimes it takes a while
To understand
That there is something much larger,
Much more important
Than apples simply falling.

—Paul Causey

Skateboard Mishap

I thought he'd be all right on a skateboard. I was wrong.

 — Kim Mosley 

Three Views of Bodhidharma

Bodhidharma 1

Bodhidharma 2

Bodhidharma 3

—Bruce Linton, MFT, Ph.D. 

Tsunamis and Years

Tsunamis and years
refuse negotiations.
No change in habits.

— Ed Sancious

For just this moment

Touch is all that’s needed to be a you and me.
Everything is embrace of my lips that settle against your breast
quickening the pace of heartbeats,
signaling promise for more to come
in this sudden secret moment.
And though there is no length of time in “now”
your touch, for just this moment,
transforms closeness of flesh and bone and blood
into a magnitude of miracle,
into metaphor for love.
For us this moment is ceremony.
breathing ritual timeless mantras –
a present tense reverence
of sacred forces in resonance
that advocate or motivate
formula for attaining love.
Placed outside of time
our love becomes
absent of ornament.
It stays itself.
Is what begins and follows.
No need nor time to master this conceit
as there’s nothing to articulate,
no squandering of syntax
no upending of cognition.
Faithful to this moment
we fuel the heart with passion
steer towards reckless romance
even without the crutch of metaphor
and treasure breathless recognition.
We, like time, unravel and speak:
"I you love,
love you I"

— Ed Sancious

Basho Prompt

These years have found a favor
in learning of Mystery.
Letting aging teach, despite opinion or desire,
that everything changes,
nothing fails to balance,
denial is never sufficient,
and fear is hollow
because the twins of birth and death are proof of equilibrium.
I’ve learned it best for me
to sit myself into stillness,
and end the search for treasures in life
as life itself IS the treasure.
I take comfort and delight
in naming the illumination of stars
long gone dark in night skies.
Treasuring each impulse to language Grace
I stand in rain
indistinguishable from the wet.

— Ed Sancious