When I first saw you,
I thought you were a tree,
growing on a mountain side.

Limbs thinning 
as they stretch to touch the sky.

White petals floating on the wind
from the flowers 
there must have been.

No green leaves.
Just brown-orange trunk,
white petals, 
and thinning limbs
on a mountain side.

When I looked closer,
I realized, you looked like a coral
under the sea.

Bright orange 
against the blue-green of the sea.
Specks of white school fish
as would be petals in the wind.

I looked once again,
trying to understand.
I see you as a mighty tree.
I see you as a tiny coral.

Which are you?
Tell me!
The great tree 
touching the sky?
Or the small coral
under the sea?

Where is the truth 
in your dichotomy.

— S. Swan

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